Milk Products

Dairy labels is another area where have gained considerable experience over the years. Dairy labels include

  • Milk bottles, PET and HDPE
  • Cream containers
  • Cheese products
  • Most other dairy related products


Labels for 2 litre milk bottles for automatic application are not a problem for us. Labels for other sizes and shapes do present any problems for Adhesive Labels

Cream containers (usually a tub, or a bottle for pouring cream) need labels. For supermarket and retail lines labels are necessary to meet current legislation and promote your brand. They are just as important for commercial bulk products

Cheese is packaged in an enormous variety of ways. The label quite often denotes the quality standing of the product as well as the legal labelling requirements. A well designed label can be the difference to how well accepted your products are with customers

All other dairy includes just about anything including yoghurt and other cultured dairy products. The label tells people what it is they are buying

Our other section on meat and dairy labels also has information which may assist you with hard dairy products like cheese