Files supplied.


Supply PDF files with all fonts converted to curves (paths)

Colour Space: Use CMYK or Pantone¬© colours. Preferably, don’t mix them in the same file. Where there are less than five colours in vector images, spot colours are used instead of CMYK equivalents. Pantone colours 2001 to 2336 usually attracts a higher print cost.

Bitmaps: 300dpi is usually good enough for colour. Go higher on small images. Use 600dpi on greyscale and 1200dpi on black & white.

Fountain Fills/Vignettes: Use 5% – 95% range.

Greys: Use a percentage of black for grey, don’t use a CMY mix to create grey unless it’s unavoidable.

Scaling: Not all images are successfully scalable. Large images scaled to small sizes will lose detail, especially complex logos and vector images. Redesign the image for small sizes if required and rework the detail so it is clearly visible when printed small.

Barcodes: We usually reset these regardless. If we set barcodes we guarantee them to scan. If you insist on using your own barcodes in a design and they don’t scan, there is no guarantee by us, no reprinting for free or a reduced cost and the labels have to be paid for. Some colours don’t scan and we will advise if the colour is unacceptable.

Shapes and Sizes: We have a large number of cutting dies and it’s worth checking with us whether we have something close that will do the job. Cutting dies can get quite expensive so it’s worth checking.

Cost: We have had many, many instances of customers coming to us with complex designs that are just too costly to print. It is worth finding out from your client first how much they want to spend on printing before designing something they can’t afford or is just not cost effective for their product.

Materials: We carry a broad range of materials but not everything. The MOQ (minimum order quantity) for most raw materials in roll labels is quite high, usually 1000 square meters and quite often more. If your job only requires a small amount of specialised stock we won’t be buying it in so please allow some flexibility with stock choices here.


Any other questions, please email or phone us on (08) 8347 3411