Variable Data Labels (including Asset)


Variable data includes numbering, bar-coding and inserting data bases onto labels.

Variable also includes small and very small batches labels where some information on the label changes. Small batch can include a base product such as screws in hardware store where there are many types. The main label is printed in colour and is common to all packages (we call these shell labels) Then small batches are overprinted with screw type etc.

rollno  Numbered labels for a laboratory

Variable Data labels can include

  • Serial Number labels
  • Sequential Bar Code labels
  • Data Base such as name and address stickers.


Small Batch labels can include

  • Where there are many product types
  • Where there is a high chance of products being made redundant and new ones added
  • Where label inventory has to be kept in check


Data Bases, QR Codes, Multiple Data Fields

We are running the latest sophisticated label software that can handle a broad range of variable data inputs. Multiple variable data fields can be included on a single label. It can produce just about every known type of bar code symbology existing, including 2D and QR including sequential QR.

Labels can be produced for short and long term use including very long term and exposed to weather conditions and industrial conditions


Adding Variable Data to Pre-Printed Labels

A really common use of variable data input. Pre-printed labels, including full colour labels can have data added to individualise the label. A range of jams and chutneys or price labels for a range of products, serialisation of laboratory labels and labels for healthcare – pathology for example. SSCC bar codes can contain multiple pieces of information in a single code such as Supplier, Product name, batch number etc.