Preserved Food Labels Food Processors)


Foods that are packaged in aseptic containers such a glass jars, bottles, pouches. Also foods which are dried and packaged in pouches, sachets, bags and cartons. Foods which are frozen and packaged in rigid or flexible containers.

  • Food packed in glass jars and bottles
  • Food packed in rigid PET, HDPE and other types of plastic
  • Food packed in pouches or sleeves
  • Food in flexible packaging
  • Food is frozen


Glass jars and bottles can present challenges with the shape of the container but once that is sorted, labels stick very well to glass

There is an enormous range of rigid plastic jars, bottles, tubs, trays and other containers in a range of different plastic substrates. Over the years we have made self adhesive labels for a huge range of containers and different plastics including tamper evident seals for product integrity and safety

Labels for pouches and sleeves include coffee pouches, snack bar sleeves, nuts and other confectionery. For use on auto application equipment as well as hand labelling.

We produce conformable labels for flexible packaging so the labels conform to the shape of the package.

Frozen foods do not present any particular challenges for labels. We currently produce labels for frozen foods without any problems from the end users.

Bottle labels and jar labels are essentially the same thing whether your bottling olives or olive oil in tall bottles, we have done them

Packaged food products include any shelf-stable product in glass, plastic or cardboard and any of these packages can have a label applied to it. Food processing labels, an area of labelling that makes up the greatest percentage of our work