Why Simple?    You can actually do a lot on a six colour press

A recent holiday in the Riverland also took me to some wineries.

While enjoying the wine, I noticed that many of the wine labels were well within the capabilities of our six colour Mark Andy (U.S.A. made) flexographic label press.

Okay, the machine can’t do high-build varnish and metallic foils* but sure can belt out some very accurate, very colour consistent labels at very competitive pricing. Common configurations would be five spot colours plus a UV coating or full colour (CMYK), plus a spot colour and a UV coating. These configurations cover a lot of ground – a lot of label designs. And speed is not an issue, this press runs very comfortably at 50 metres per minute and is monitored by a camera and strobe light

Why pay someone to print a simple four colour label on a multi-million dollar, multi-colour press with two or more press operators? It doesn’t make sense. Quotes cost nothing so get a quote from us. Ask for samples to see for yourself, we’ll send them out to you.

*with a simple conversion we could incorporate metallic foils

What about digital?

What about it indeed. High end digital machines come in well over a million dollars. They’re paid for by the label buyers so don’t expect digital to be cheap. We were offered an entry-level inkjet digital machine at nearly 1/4 million dollars and a whopping $22,000 to change the print heads – which is quite frequently. Our label buyers don’t want these added costs built into their labels. Digital also has some serious limitations with stock choices and label durability.




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